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Meet Susan Durazo, tin can artist extraordinaire. That tin can most of us dismiss as an item for the trash collector or recycle bin is much more than a cylindrical object to her; it is an exciting and challenging medium which she transforms into an art form. her labor unites her vocation and occupation in one fantastic vision.

The first time Susan held a small cutting torch in one hand and a tin can in the other she will tell you it was magic. Her creations and unusual art springs from her mind in an ever changing array of what accomplished artisans call Metal Art.

After almost fifteen years and thousands of pieces of Metal Art, Susan still creates no two identical pieces; every one is as diverse as her emotions and her interpretations of what she is working on at the time.



​​Every piece demands skill beyond what a normal torch bearer would imagine. Just try it for yourself! The art form demands on steady hand, a firm vision, and the skill to execute it without rendering your recyclable raw material into an unredeemable tin trash.


Susan is a regular artist at the internationally acclaimed Palm Springs Village Fest nights where literally tens of thousands of people from around the world have enjoyed viewing her live demonstrations and purchased her many personalized art creations.  Many people return to the venue to seek her out and see what new item they can add to their collections.

Take a close look at Susan's wonderful creations and you will never make the comment; "Its just a tin can!"



- TC Metal Art


"It's Just a Tin Can".


Most of us would say that looking at a tin can.

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